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Understanding the difference between assetts and methods is crucial to a successful marketing strategy. Websites and videos are only conversion tools; by themselves they do very little. Advertising and other marketing activities must drive traffic to those assetts. What are the top advertising platforms and what do good websites and videos look like?

Web Design and Programming

Because Hillman Media specializes in custom website design, you can choose any design that suites your needs or you can choose a Wordpress™ Content Management System for ease-of-use. We'll register your domain name and provide hosting, Email, e-commerce and Email newsletter systems according to your needs. Hillman Media is not only a design firm, but a programming firm as well; guaranteeing that your site will not only look good but will be interactive as well.

Video Production

55% of Google search results are videos.1 Do you have some? Demonstration videos increase conversion and the presence of a video on your website increases your attractiveness to the search engines. Let us tell you more about Youtube integration and, yes, we can upload your new TV commercial to Comcast.



1 ReelSEO.com

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